Scorpio is the sign of the new moon and it is 13 degrees of Scorpio and the nakshatra is “Anuradha”. The symbol for Anuradha is the lotus flower. This is a flower with a history of rich symbolism. One being that the flower roots itself in mud and pushes up through the water to bloom. Spiritually this relates to giving a person the ability to persevere and to blossom even in adversity and while experiencing life’s hardest trials. Those born into this nakshatra never forget their friends or those who have helped them. Also called the “star of success”, they have organizational skills that can unite people.

Scorpio’s ruler Mars gives this new moon depth, intensity and passion. If your natal moon is located in Scorpio,then chances are you know exactly what I mean & you already live life with (depth, intensity, & passion). Mars is concerned with moving you forward, Mars is our personal energy and I often refer to it as your personal “gold”. Without it not much is going to get done. Here, also the Moon is near Saturn and Saturn is a planet that creates a sense of fear. Obviously, we can not move forward until we recognize and deal with the fear.

New moon’s offer opportunity. Now, you may be thinking, how could I have an opportunity when there is fear involved? The opportunity here is to be able to recognize what the “it” or “fear” is that is holding you back. Most likely, you know that…..but if you do not recognize it. Then here is the opportunity to sit back and be honest with yourself on this “fear” thing. This means you can wander deep in the caverns of your soul. That requires some alone time. For some of us, that is not easy. I’m not talking about the alone time you will need that is not easy. I am saying it can be challenging to be brutally honest with oneself. No one likes to admit they are fearful or have fear. I also understand that fear is an energy that can be used for our advantage. This is where I pivot to a quote, because they are powerful and inspiring.

“Never let the fear of striking out get in your way”. Babe Ruth

Are you willing to let this new moon guide you to overcoming fear and reaching for something that before you felt (moon) to be unattainable?

Mars ruled Scorpio is the intensity and passion. The Moon will help us to emotionally connect to that passion. Passion is a word that gets thrown around alot, so it may seem diluted but another way to say this is “What do you feel strongly enthusiastic about? What do you feel excited about doing in your life?

Here’s a little more about what is happening in the cosmos: The Sun, which represents the spirit of us is squaring Rahu and Ketu. We have the opportunity to heal and let go of the past. The Nodes, Rahu and Ketu represent our karma, past and future. Do we want to remain stuck in the past? Or do we want to heal ourselves and move into the future? It is our choice to make.

Mercury has moved into the sign of Sagittarius where it will remain until January 8, 2017. Travel and education are 2 areas that will become highlighted while Mercury is transiting through Sagittarius. Mercury will retrograde December 19th. This means Christmas presents that are bought will be returned, so be sure to ask for a gift receipt! If you are meeting up with friends to celebrate the holidays, be sure you connect with them and are clear on the exact location and time. Mercury is a known trickster!

On Dec. 3rd, Venus planet of love, beauty and luxury items will make a quick trip through the sign of business minded sign of Capricorn. Traditional Christmas presents are the ones that will sell and appeal the most. On Dec. 29th, Venus will move into Aquarius. Venus in Aquarius is ok with the unusual or something more eclectic.

Jupiter is transiting through the sign of Virgo. Here, Jupiter is positive and insightful. Its a good time for education, teachers and students alike benefit from Jupiter’s transit here. Writers, publishers, speakers, counselors most any area that deals with communications can use Jupiter’s benefic ray.

Saturn is transiting through the sign of Scorpio. The slow unraveling of Saturn’s effect continues and will certainly offer up more secrets before it transits to Sagittarius on January 27, 2017. Saturn’s energy is extremely difficult in the watery sign of Scorpio. Mars and Saturn are not friends and this energy is combative. However, there is a positive note that these two energies have, and that is the ability to keep pushing onwards. Saturn’s persistence with Mars moving forward eventually will meet their goal.The new moon is here with Saturn, this is a serious emotional time. Confronting our fears is part of healing and moving forward.

Mars is currently exalted in the sign of Capricorn. Giving you the best time to move your projects forward. Mars will be in Capricorn until Dec.12th, so you still have plenty of time to “get her done”. It is also in parivartana yoga with Saturn in the sign of Scorpio. They are exchanging energy with each other and this empowers both planets. On Dec. 12th, Mars will move into the sign of Aquarius. In Aquarius you will notice the energy will change. Groups and organizations will emerge to show their anger and their will likely be more rioting. Pay close attention to the media during this time and the messaging. Ketu conjunct Neptune is a dissolving of information. And while Ketu and Neptune have the ability to heal, it is our choice to do so.

Here are the New Moon predictions for each sign of the zodiac:

Aries: Home life is in for changes. The changes could be connected to your children or a job.Or it could be both! The holidays will definitely bring some changes into your home life. You can expect there to be some challenges with either or both of these areas. The good news is, your ruling planet Mars is strategically placed and will assist you to navigate all that comes your way.

Taurus: Communication matters have been a bit muddled lately. Remember that you are a reflection of your partner and if you feel that way, its quite possible that they do too! Now is a good time for some honest forthcoming conversation. Scorpio’s moon can shed some light on emotional matters that may come up.

Gemini: It’s time to take another look at your everyday routine. If you are feeling melancholy, or exhausted, it could be because you have been burning the candle at both ends. Communicating with your partner has been somewhat challenging lately. Mentally, you need to take a break and treat yourself to some spa time. Work in some short breaks during your busy days, so that you are up and running for the holidays!

Cancer: Your are a deep thinker now. Your mind is similar to a light bulb, ideas and thoughts are swirling around. Passive income are two words that can really get you fired up. It could be a good idea to share your ideas with your partner, you may be surprised that they are willing to contribute to your project or whatever you have in mind. This new moon possesses a synchronized energy that will help move your creative endeavors forward.

Leo: You know that when there is an ending, there is a beginning. And you are experiencing both now. That puts you in a transition period. Responsibilities are changing and being rearranged. Allow your intuition to be your guidance system. Your partner will appreciate your patience as you both work through the upcoming changes. Take deep breaths….and remember its a process.

Virgo: Your feeling mind, also known as your intuition is spot on. It’s important for you to recognize that. The best gift to give yourself this holiday season is to clear up any siblings or family matters that have caused you anxiety. This new moon is focused on communications. But there is also a connection to your health. Sharing your feelings will allow you to let go of past negative thoughts and feelings. Giving you plenty of room to celebrate the holidays!

Libra: Great timing, Libra. You may be enjoying the financial benefits of your career or perhaps a friends recommendation has brought some financial gains your way. Whatever, the reason, it is the season for celebrating! Looks like you have plenty to celebrate. Being the artsy one of the zodiac, go ahead and grab your tickets for The Nutcracker, Mannheim Steamroller or any other concert or play that suits your fancy for the holidays!

Scorpio: Reset button, Scorpio? You are good at recognizing and making the correction. The moon’s energy here in your 1st house will activate your inner GPS. Perhaps, an earlier path you set out on is coming up short. Or maybe the time requirement, (Saturn) is slowing down other more profitable endeavors. I know you know what the “it” is. The holiday gift that you would love,
(hint: career fulfillment) is within your reach. No one is more deserving than you!

Sagittarius: Sharing your thoughts or emotions is not on the top of your list. Although there has been some recent emotional changes involving relationships. Maybe this is a good time to just sit with all of it, there is no urgency to react. It is a great time to research any topic you have an interest in. Volunteering or doing charitable work, if only for the holidays will help you deal with some of the loneliness. If your schedule allows, a vacation would be icing on the cake.

Capricorn: Diving deep into any subject is not really a challenge for you, Capricorn. For one who goes it alone a good deal of the time, you have needed the assistance of your partner in recent months. Maybe this has brought in some changes with what you do, how you do it (career) or what you offer. Other changes may involve groups, organizations and friendships. Here is some vital information, as you move forward. The deity for this new moon is Mitra, the God of Friendship and partnership.

Aquarius: You have managed to score some major upgrades. Great timing! This holiday season will definitely be memorable for you. Finally, you may feel as if others can actually see you. This has to do with Ketu and Neptune in your 1st house, causing you to feel invisible or ignored in some way. Now, with this new moon, you are going to be meeting new friends! Matters around your home life will improve, more love and beauty….now there is a wonderful Christmas gift!

Pisces: Your schedule could have had you coming and going and involved in so many things that you forgot what is really important. This new moon will help you go back to the drawing board or back to the well. Either or both may be necessary. Responsibilities around your career and home life may need to be changed,or prioritized in order that you have time for your family. Reconciling what you truly desire for your life is what this new moon will help you do.

Happy New Moon!

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