June 3, 2019 New Moon Taurus

June’s New Moon falls in the sign of Taurus. New Moon’s are the best times for clearing karma. My favorite tool or technique to use for clearing or shifting karma is “mantra”.

But first, I must share this most recent dramatic event that happened. Yes, it involves astrology and the beauty you see here.

In 2017, I manifested a cabin in the piney woods. I manifested this through using mantra, and other various rituals. This past Thursday, I was traveling on my way to my special retreat in the woods. It takes me about 2 hours and 45 minutes in good traffic.

I recall looking at the time and it said 1:11. I’ve been seeing 11’s for almost a year now. I know that 11’s mean I am in alignment with the Universe. Since 11 is a master number, I realize it brings me special insight and the ability to discern, among other gifts. My thought when I saw 1:11 was one of great comfort. It is like spirit whispering, “you are on the right track”.

This comfortable feeling was to be short lived. Minutes afterwards I saw a dog crossing the busy 2 lane country road. An 18 wheeler headed right at her. She almost made it across, but the 18 wheeler hit her, throwing her up
In the air. Her body was twisting and flopping in the air. I saw this happen. Cars just kept going…..no one stopped. I did not see how this dog could be alive. I pulled to the side of the road and started backing up as fast as I could. I was fearful another car would run over her. Cars continued to go, whizzing around me as I stepped in the middle of the road, leaned over and said with doubt, “are you alive?”. The helpless eyes that looked at me, I will never forget. She was in a fetal position. I started to drag her across the road. Now, of course, I did not know she was a “she” until later. But she was quite big, so I had no other option than to drag her to side of the road.
There were no shoulders, it is simply pavement and grass, then ditch. The pavement was hot, but she was too big for me to lift.

I said out loud, somebody, God, please help me. The next minute man in a beat up old Ford truck with a small dog barking, stopped. I said, please help us! The dog was bleeding from her mouth, and I had no idea what else might be broken or damaged. I did not pay close attention to what her breed was at that time. She is a pit bull and boxer mix. And now I know weighs 59 pounds. The man who stopped to help me, was not much bigger than me. Together, we managed to get her in to the trunk of my car. He said, follow me, it will take us about 20 minutes to get her to the nearest vet clinic. All the while, I am driving my trunk keeps shutting and I am worried about her air supply, because it is hot on this day. I kept stopping to open the trunk, to make sure she had air. Blood was everywhere, including on me. The guy in the Ford truck said, “listen to me, trust me, trust God, it’s gonna be o.k. We’ve got to hurry up and get her to the vet. Of course, I knew this, but I also knew that somebody up there was looking out for me and for this injured dog.

We made it to the veterinarian office. A team of 3 came rushing out to help.
After a sonogram and lots of x-rays, the doctor said no broken bones. Everything, miraculously seemed to be okay. She had a lot of internal bruising. No wonder, how often does one get hit by an 18 wheeler, and live?

The entire events of the day traumatized me and the dog. I have pictures in my mind. The one especially of her looking at me, as she is rolled into a fetal position, laying in the middle of a hot black asphalt road. Cars and people everywhere, but no compassion.

I have to say in the last few days, I have been asking, what has happened to the human race? Why is there such a lack of compassion?

During all the events, things went missing out of my trunk. A couple of bags. One was a book bag, with my astrology books. My much loved ephemeris, which I’ve had for 20 years was stolen. This ephemeris is like an old friend, mainly because I have had it since I started studying astrology. Rarely, does a day go by, that I do not open this book. The only person in the world who wants an ephemeris is an astrologer…..my web cam, and my cowboy boots, now maybe that’s another thing.

If my writing is somewhat incoherent, it could be because I feel that way.
Why do people steal? Why, how could so many people drive around an injured dog and just keep going? How can we look at suffering and ignore

1:11pm on May 24th, a moment in time is forever etched in my mind. It’s 3 days later now, and I am still crying. I’ve cried for humanity. I have cried for the lack of compassion and the way we treat each other and the way we treat animals. I cried for the dog and the pain she is suffering. She is still traumatized and very skittish. Her foot is injured and she does not walk very straight. The first night with me, she wobbled into the room where I was laying. She had had several pain medications. But, rarely takes her eyes off me. She placed her head on the mattress and looked me squarely in the eyes. It’s another freeze frame in my mind.

I feel as if she is saying, “you were right on time”.

The 6th house of the chart gives more information about our pets and animals. Venus and Uranus are currently transiting there. Venus indicating female and Uranus is the planet of unexpected events and happenings. I might add, Venus (love), Uranus (unexpected). Mars and Rahu traveling through my 8th house, representing transformation, the 8th house is also the house of death. Mars and Rahu were almost exactly opposite my natal Mars and Rahu in the 2nd house.  (Of course this is a quick explanation, there is more, that I am leaving out).

8th house, indicating a possible cost of life, expense and transformation. Jupiter, the protector and indicator of God’s grace was 27 degrees of Scorpio. Jupiter was traveling 6 houses (pets) from my natal Jupiter, at almost the exact degree of my natal 8th house Jupiter. In astrology where Jupiter is, there is protection. In this case, protection was granted to me, 1st house, physical body (being in on coming traffic is a bit risky) and to my new best friend, who I have decided shall be named Lotus.

The Lotus flower is the symbol of life. It has many beautiful representations. Courage and inner strength stand out. The lotus flower blooms out of the murky muddy water. It is delicate and very beautiful. There are many pictures of Buddha with the lotus flower. There is a beautiful Hindu chant, “Mani padme”, it means “jewel in the lotus”. Blooming out of the water, it is a water plant. I am a water sign. Water signs are intuitive and it is said the lotus is a giver of lessons, joy and beauty.

So you see, it’s a perfect name for her.

Om Mani Padme Hum chant, see link, notice the time, (1:11.11).
This is known as the compassion mantra.

Predictions for June.


April 14 – May 14 -Aries – There will be a focus on what you value. Truly value. Not just possessions or material items.

May 15 – June 14 – Taurus – Physically and mentally you feel strong. You are feeling a deeper connection. Pay attention to your intuition.

June 15 – July 15 – Gemini – Dreams can guide you. Your sub-conscious mind is being re-wired.

July 16 – Aug. 16 – Cancer – Insight comes through a friend. Speculation on learning something new can prove healing for you and others.

Aug. 17 – Sept. 16 – Leo – You are the catalyst for bringng forth new ideas, awareness to your friends, groups, work or organizations.

Sept. 17 – Oct. 16 – Virgo – Multiple opportunities come your way. Take care of your emotional needs now.

Oct. 17 – Nov. 15 – Libra- Changes with friends that may involve work related matters. Unexpected events with relationship.

Nov. 16 – Dec. 15 – Scorpio – Unexpected events bring change to partner agreement. You have a clearer understanding.

Dec. 16 – Jan.13 – Sagittarius – Synchronicity at work. Your heart speculates on a new or creative idea.

Jan. 14 – Feb. 12 – Capricorn – Good time for beautifying your home, your creativity is inspiring change in many ways. Meditation altar?

Feb. 13 – March 13 – Aquarius – Bringing alignment to home and career may not be as challenging as you think. Revisit an old idea or thought.

March 14 – April 13 – Pisces – You are downloading the shifts of how, what, where, when you wish to communicate your unique gifts. Explore all avenues.