Visualization is a simple but powerful tool that anyone can use, at any time for creating change. Athletes are probably one of the groups that most often and successfully use visualization, also known as mental imagery for improving their performance.They understand how powerful mental imagery is for their success.

Michael Phelps the olympic swimmer having won some 23 Gold Medals, has shared that he used visualizing the win, BEFORE winning.

The most famous scientist of the 20th century, Albert Einstein spoke about how he thought. And it was different then you might think. Now, we might think he had equations, and numbers, and all these formulas roaming around in his thoughts. Not so. He says it was images and feelings that were key to his experience and inventiveness. Wow, the theory of relativity came to us through his genius of imagery? Yes, that is correct.

Why arent we using this simple and valuable tool? Is it that we are unaware of its value. Well, not anymore, because you are reading this now. And I could go on and name other inventors who have used the tools of visualization and imagination (kissing cousins) to produce world changing events. But what is the point, once we are aware of its power!

Here are a few notes, ahmm….knowing ahead is important to your success. First, visualizing can be done anywhere, almost anytime. But if you want to truly integrate this as a technique into your lifestyle, it is a good idea to have a space in your home, which is designated as your “visualization pod”. Mine is a meditation cushion that faces my altar. The key is for it to be comfortable and the space to “feel” good to you energetically.

Now, making a space sends a message to the Universe, that you are serious about this matter. That you are intentional and mindful in this ritual. Consistency in its use, brings results.

Write this on your check list of spiritual practices or daily practices, again for this to bring you success you want to practice it daily. Consistency is key.

It will definitely pay off. Think of Michael Phelps 23 gold medals…or maybe you are thinking about being the next Nobel Prize winner. I say, go for it!

Here are the steps to creating or manifesting your desires through using visualization:

1.Create the perfect place or atmosphere for your body to be comfortable so that you mind can play. (A quiet place where you will not be interrupted).

2.Light a candle. (think of this as connecting with the fire within you).

3.Connect with your breath, taking a few minutes to slowly breathe in and out. If it helps breathe in on the count of 4, breathe out on the count of 5.

4.Focus on what your goal is; a car, a new home, a new relationship, business ownership. Become very clear on what your particular goal is.

5.Feel the feeling of already having it. Marry the thought and emotion.(this step is EXTREMELY important, take some time with it).

6. Do this at least once a day, for a minimum of 8 minutes. Twice a day is even better. (Periodically throughout your day, visualize or see the image in your mind’s eye of what you are creating).

This works best if you stick with your goal, in other words, if you continue to shift from goal to goal, it creates an energetic interruption of what you are trying to create or manifest. When you consistently, daily, focus on the image or images of what you are desiring, it will show up.

I think of this as baking a cake. Leaving out any ingredients will affect the outcome. Let’s not short cut ourselves, lest the cake not taste as delicious! 🙂

Last, but certainly not least is that you might want to have a daily goal. As in how long you want to focus on this particular goal or manifesting what you desire. I suggest to make a goal of 21 days. You may have manifested your change long before that time. If so, GREAT!

If you are working on your goal at day 21, and you feel you are getting close, add a stretch goal of 19 days. 40 days total is also a magical and spiritual number.

Between the 21 day and 40 day period, be prepared to be surprised at your own powers.

Time has its own prosperity.

Happy Visualizing!