26811776On March 14, 2015, Saturn retrogrades in the sign of Scorpio. Keeping with true retrograde style, I was delayed in completing this article! Saturn began its long transit through Scorpio on Nov. 2, 2014. Saturn’s energy is serious, one of discipline, focus, and persistence. Saturn governs in a sense our ability to bring in to “form”.
Anytime a planet turns retrograde, it means it is time for us to review. What you are reviewing depends on where Saturn is located in your chart and what houses it rules. But, keep reading more clues are coming your way! Saturn is known to be a serious planet, a malefic. This is the planet that causes delays, obstacles, frustrations and the really big one….Fear. As I had written in a previous article, Saturn is beginning an unraveling process. The unraveling process takes place in the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio deals with secrets, things that have been covered up or done in secret. Saturn will reveal what is flawed and in some way begin to break it apart. And Saturn will reveal many long time and kept secrets as it makes its transit through Scorpio.
When the planet known as the “karmic indicator” retrogrades it turns a notch up on the energetic intensity of what the planet represents. Ultimately, Saturn is tasked with growing us, that is growing our awareness. But, more importantly growing our consciousness. Learning to work with Saturn’s energy can be the most challenging process we go through. However, the rewards can be great. The ancients believed that Saturn had the power to make one a leader in their village. And that once Saturn favored you, and bestowed its gifts and rewards on you, nothing or no one could take it away.

Below, I have listed the signs and the areas that you might be dealing with as Saturn retrogrades. Keep in mind that if you have personal planets in the sign of Scorpio, you may be more impacted by this retrograde period. Saturn will remain retrograde until Aug. 2, 2015.

Areas that you may find under review for each sign are as follows:

Aries: Money, spouse, mate, partner

Taurus: past relationships, challenges, partner

Gemini: Health, employees, employer

Cancer: Romance, education, children

Leo: Home, mother, happiness

Virgo: Communicating, siblings, travel

Libra: Money, food, your speech

Scorpio: Health, habits, character

Sagittarius: Expenditure, loss, spiritual growth

Capricorn: Friends, gains, groups

Aquarius: Career, status, reputation

Pisces : Father, religion, spirituality