sun and buddhaThe nodes Rahu and Ketu will transit into Virgo and Pisces on July 13, 2014. This is considered a major transit, it happens approximately every 18 months. The nodes transit counterclockwise, and are sometimes referred to as “shadowy planets” even though they are not planets at all. They are karmic indicators and where they are placed in your chart gives much information about where you will put forth a lot of effort in this lifetime. Rahu is said to be the head of the dragon, and so it is concerned with material and worldly desires. Ketu is associated with the tail of the dragon and has no eyes. Ketu is associated with spirituality and enlightenment. When the nodes are near, conjunct are transiting over personal planets it will cause an event to come about. Ketu can have a dissolving effect. Both Rahu and Ketu are unpredictable in nature. Both can make a person feel compelled and obsessed. When either is near the Sun or Moon it can cause unusual events. Rahu and Ketu are said to be enemies of the Sun and Moon. Rahu can cause a person to have insatiable desires and Ketu causes a sense of non-attachment. Both are associated with hard to diagnose illnesses and disease. Below is short explanation of what the nodes may bring your way.
Please note that your Sun sign in Vedic astrology may differ from your Sun sign in Western astrology.

Vedic Sun Signs
April 14 –May 14 (Aries)- Watch your health and everyday routine. Rahu can sometimes cause mysterious types of health issues. Take care to balance your everyday routine. It’s a good time to get your fitness routine down.

May 15 – June 14 (Taurus) – You may feel very focused on your children during this time. It’s a good time for any creative project. Possible romantic interest.

June 15 – Jul 15 (Gemini)- It’s likely that you will feel the need to either make home improvements or even possibly move. Maybe adding an office to your home, or working from home.

July 16 – Aug. 16 (Cancer) – You may have the opportunity to travel more now. You are in the “information” mode. Your knowledge of all things technical improves.

Aug. 17 – Sept. 16 (Leo) – The focus becomes “money”. How to make it and most Leo’s are very adept at how to spend it. At any rate you will be operating in both realms. What you say matters. Speaking opportunities that earn you money may come your way.

Sept. 17 – Oct. 16 (Virgo)- Rahu’s placement here gives you personal power. You may also ramp up your knowledge or technical expertise which in turn makes you more valuable. Use this wisely.

Oct. 17 – Nov. 15 (Libra) – Time to pay close attention to your money. Unexpected expenditures can crop up. Your everyday routine becomes a bit unpredictable. Possible travel to a foreign county.

Nov. 16 – Dec. 15 (Scorpio)- There are opportunities to meet interesting and different types of people. You may join an unusual group or organization. This is the house of “gains” for you, so be watchful of what you are gaining.

Dec. 16 – Jan. 13 (Sagittarius) – Career changes are in the air for you. You may move, relocate for a better opportunity. It could be technical, possible move by water.

Jan. 14 – Feb. 12 (Capricorn) – Good for travel and education. Your interest in unusual subjects is heightened. You may study things of a spiritual nature.

Feb. 13- March 13- (Aquarius) – You could experience a lot of changes during this time. Your money and joint finances could be a topic of discussion with your spouse or mate. Bonuses or commission structures can change.

March 14 – April 13 (Pisces) – The focus will be on your partner or spouse. If you are a business owner, you will be concerned about that partnership as well. Keep the communication lines open. Avoid becoming to obsessive with your partner.