Rahu and Ketu transit into the signs of Libra and Aries today. Rahu moves into Libra and Ketu moves into Aries. The Nodes always travel opposite each other and counter clockwise through your chart. They are not planets, but imaginary points in the sky. There are many and varied mythological stories that are connected to Rahu and Ketu. Here is one of them: Lord Vishnu was handing out a potion that granted immortality to the Gods. All the planets were present at this gathering. At some point and after the nectar had been consumed the Sun and the Moon discovered that a demon or serpent like creature had entered the gathering and drank the potion. Upon being exposed to all the planets, there was an outrage. Lord Vishnu took his sword and severed the head of the demon. From this the head of the demon comes Rahu and the tail is Ketu. But because they had already drank the nectar, they did not die. And they are known to be enemies of the Sun and the Moon. Both Rahu and Ketu are considered to be malefics, meaning they have some negative force to them. If the nodes are conjunct or traveling with personal planets they often cause unpredictable situations or circumstances to them. It is for certain they will cause some kind of disturbance. Although they travel opposite each other, they have some things in common. They both deal with our karma and why we incarnate. They operate in a compulsive, obsessive way. Rahu is related to worldly and materialistic desires, while Ketu is more spiritual. Ketu is the tail of the demon who has no eyes and so Ketu has insight. Both the nodes deal with unconscious behaviors, addictions and bad habits. However, it is not to say that the nodes can not also have a positive effect. Rahu and Ketu spend approximately 18 months in a sign.