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MERCURY RETROGRADES – 11/17/2018 – 12/6/2018

Mercury the planet in charge of all communications turned retrograde a few days ago.  Most everyone has heard of Mercury’s retrograde time periods.

Mercury retrogrades 3-4 x per year, approximately for 3 weeks. This year Mercury has retrograded in “water signs, the water signs of Pisces, Cancer and now Scorpio. This is the final Mercury retrograde for the year.

If water signs could talk they would say “I feel”.  And often if you are talking to someone or with someone who has these signs as ascendants, Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio or who have many planets in a water sign they will express themselves by saying…..”I feel”………………………….

Water signs are the signs of the zodiac where we connect with our emotions, these are the moksha houses, where we “feel”. And there is a saying, “What you can feel, you can heal”.  IN fact, it is water signs who teach the other signs of the zodiac just how important it is to acknowledge your feelings. Mercury’s retrograde in Scorpio will get you in touch deeply with what you are passionate about.

All retrogrades give a time for review, reflection, readjustment, reassessing, reorganizing, reclaim, reactivate, ok….you get the idea…….:)

Let me say, my favorite “re” word is “reimagine”.

Mercury retrograding in Mars ruled Scorpio is not as smooth as Pisces and Cancer. First, because Mercury and Mars are not friends. The advantage here is that you will feel both sides of any situation. In other words you may Feel compassion for both sides. Let’s look at the advantages:

You will be able to get to the bottom of anything that you wish to research or investigate. And this includes your own deep feelings about all things.

Including your passion.  IT’s time to re- investigate or even reimagine what you feel truly passionate about. Especially if you are having challenges connecting with what you feel truly passionate about.

Passion is the energy that sustains any endeavor.  Passion can not be ignored or put on the back burner as they say. YOU must “pay attention”, it is the flame which requires our every moment’s attention.  There is a YouTube video

That is a great example. Listen and watch the following and notice….


Now, Mercury retrogrades right before Black Friday and all the pre- holiday sales are in ramping up. But before you go out and make all those purchases, just remember that Mercury rules all technology, computers, TV’s and other technie purchase. When these items are purchased during a Mercury retrograde they are likely to be returned, for various reasons, but often because they are faulty. You can avoid those long return lines, by waiting to purchase.  In the past, my own personal experience with Mercury retrograde is that I return most things I buy during this time period, again for various reasons. If purchasing a watch were on my Christmas list for someone, I would wait until after Dec. 6th when Mercury gets some speed up and is going direct. If you can avoid signing contracts, lease agreements, or any legal documents, including listing your home for sale.

If you are publishing something, it is better for Mercury to be in directi motion since it rules all communications and remember this is the written and spoken word. Waiting until Mercury is in direct motion will save you some headaches later. Often, because things are missed or there are mis-understandings during this time. Remember, communication does not move forward. People mis -hear or mis-interpret the message.


This is a powerful Mercury retrograde because Mercury will retrograde over the Sun and Jupiter. So not only are we reimagining our passion, we are getting in touch with our inspiration and personal gold. The Sun & Jupiter together represent “wealth”. We are reimagining our passion, inspiration and wealth.


Mercury is the intellectual, thinking, and judgmental part of your mind and it is your feelings and emotions that are actually driving our behaviors.

This retrograde gives us an opportunity to go back and revisit, because we have missed a vital piece of the puzzle.


I see this as an early Christmas gift. We can reimagine our passion, what inspires us and how we wish to use our unique creativity!


This is the reason to know astrology. It can put you in touch with your gifts!

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