89317420This is the final Mercury retrograde period for Mercury in 2014. Mercury begins its retrograde in Libra, but during its retrograde will move back into the sign of Virgo. Mercury retrogrades are known for causing confusion. Mercury is the planet that rules over all communications and that is a really big job! Everything that is written and spoken plus all technology, computers, the list goes on and on. Mercury is retrograding in “Swati” nakshatra. This nakshatra has the power to scatter like the wind. While Mercury is moving retrograde through Libra, this can cause communication issues with partners. Oct. 17th, Mercury will move in to the sign of Virgo, a sign known to be concerned with health matters. Many health issues are coming to the forefront now. With the recent entry of Ebola to our country, everyone is concerned with how this will be handled. Additionally, we will see more court rulings that deal with Obama Care that will affect us all in the coming months. During this retrograde period Mercury will conjunct with Rahu twice as it retrogrades over Rahu and then moves forward. This will bring unsettling or disturbing information. Rahu deals specifically with foreign lands and people. Rahu also deals with diseases that are difficult to diagnose. The good news is that Mercury in the sign of Virgo is exalted which brings out its best qualities. Mercurys highest manifestation are those of intelligence, analysis, precision and order. Though Rahu will disturb this in some way. This time is best used to re-evaluate, reassess, and revisit past ideas. While Mercury is retrograding through Libra, you may be concerned with matters that deal with your partner. You may find that you are revisiting conversations from the past or issues that have come up before with your mate. Once Mercury moves in to Virgo on Oct 17th, you may become more concerned about your health or any issues that deal with health now. This is a good time to reevaluate your health regimen, the foods you eat and the exercise routine you have. Take time for receiving and sending information, emails, texts and voice messages. Double check your appointments, reread any email messages you send. Knowing ahead of time is the key to understanding and working with Mercury retrograde.

Mercury turns direct Oct. 25, 2014.

Stay tuned for my blog on the October Eclipses!