Venus the planet that rules over all relationships turns retrograde on Dec. 19, 2021. When a planet retrogrades it intensifies what that planet represents. So, I will repeat myself, as retrograde often does. Your love house just got “lit up”.  Or to say it another way, whatever, whomever you hold near and dear, is now operating in an (intensely) different manner. 

And that’s only half of it. Mars is the planet that represents “passion”, yep, that’s right. Venus is “desire”, Mars is “passion”. That’s why these two are known as the celestial lovers. They don’t always get along, (ha, ha, you say) BUT, when they do…..Oh, fa, la, la, la, la! 

Venus retrograde may bring an old love, lover, mate back into your life.It’s like a return and those feelings can be reignited (Mars). After all, it is the magic of the holidays and there’s nothing better than a real life “Hallmark” movie playing. (And you get to be the star).

To pump up the volume, Mars (passion) is very powerful in its own steamy sign of Scorpio, the sign it rules. To say passions will be running high is putting it mildly.  Mars stationing is a way a planet has of saying to us;

“Stop, I have something important to say”. Scorpio is a water sign, and often gets a negative rap. One reason is Scorpio’s are intense, especially about the people they care for. Their ability for emotional depth is impossible to be matched by any other zodiac sign.

Venus will be retrograde until Jan. 29, 2022. During this time you may connect with someone from the past. But, be careful, often when Venus goes direct the same issues from the past are still there causing obstacles.

You just forgot about them during that passionate connection. 

Enjoy the magick of the holidays…Venusians  & Martians will for certain!


Wishing you a Christmas filled with love,


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