The new moon takes place in the constellation of Pisces. The symbol is the fish swimming in opposite directions. Representing the stream of consciousness flowing from earth to heaven.

Where the New Moon falls is where we experience the most change within our daily lives. Pisces is the dreamy imaginative, creative sign of the zodiac. Being a water sign, its all about feelings. Pisces feels others pain and has empathy and compassion for those less fortunate. They can use their intuition for guidance.
The other thing that is interesting about this New Moon is that it is producing a “Kala Sarpa” yoga. Kala means “time” and “sarpa” means Serpent. Time Serpent or the Serpent of Time.What’s happening is that all the planets are contained within Rahu and Ketu.

If someone has this in their natal chart, they will feel a strong sense of destiny. In fact I have this in my chart. It’s not really very rare. Others that have this yoga say they feel this same way. That rather the events were negative or positive in their life; it had an impact on them that was extremely profound. And also my own experience is that Kala Sarpa can bring extreme and sudden events into a person’s life. Setting them on a different course.

In some way, all of us will experience changes that set us on a different course during this time (March 24 – April 23).

Here are the New Moon predictions for each sign.

Remember this is Vedic astrology, not western astrology. Based on the sidereal zodiac. NOTE: The new moon predictions last from one new moon to the next, in this case, March 24th – April 23rd.

Aries: Career change is coming about finally, you say. You may work from home, you may be involved in some research project. It could deal with some sort of speculation. Take care with bosses and authority figures now. Your ruling planet Mars, is feeling stressed traveling near Saturn & Pluto and this can cause some explosive type energy. Pay attention to health.

Taurus: Your home is one of the best entertainment centers for you. Friends are important to your career. You can combine all of this to bring in the prize. The moon is in your friendship house, so you may make new friends, but you will likely feel a deep connection and this could be very inspirational for you.

Gemini: Mercury’s direct motion is a relief, but gave you a chance to review some publication or writing (ebook or blog) or something that is valuable for you to move ahead. Focus on career, making money and any communications that move you ahead with those. Rahu in your 1st house gives you unusual ideas or an unusual approach to putting it out there.

Cancer: The Moon travels through your “Lucky” zone this month. It’s a little like having the Luck of the Leprochan. Your mind could be full of new ideas. You may travel long distance. Publishing, communicating through pictures, videos, all of this has value. You may already be working on these things behind the scenes, Cancer.

Leo: If you have children some serious emotional changes have taken place with you. Take extra care w/speculation or speculative projects now.
Meditation, (I know Leo, you are a fire sign) walking meditation or just time in nature. But even a few minutes in nature will help cool you down.

Virgo: Your focus is partnership, partner. All said.

Libra: A friend may have helped you land a better job. Or been a positive influence for you. Health wise you are in a good place. Stay true to your routine.

Scorpio: Children are an inspiration, give you ideas, ignite creativity. You feel a sense of connection, you may be more interested in spiritual matters now. Your higher consciousness is kicking in. Occult knowledge, remember that just means (secret). There’s a wide range of topics that fit “occult” knowledge. No one knows how to find secret knowledge like a Scorpio.

Sagittarius: Visit or call your Mom and Dad. Entertain in your home. Enjoyment of home is favorable now. Good for family life. Time to refocus your energy on how you earn.

Capricorn: Connect w/siblings. Go to the movies, Take a short hiking trip, Write a creative piece. Go on a new adventure. You are getting your mojo back with your ruling planet Saturn now in your 1st house. Very empowering! At the same time take care, as Mars is also traveling nearby.

Aquarius: You may collaborate with your partner now on a project. This could be a joint idea. Just remember to allow them some space too. Tha’ts what makes it a “joint venture”. You may be thinking “show me the money” during this new moon.

Pisces: YOu win the New Moon lottery. YOu will have a plethora of ideas whirling around in your head. It’s okay. Just remember to journal all those ideas. They fly in and out pretty fast. It’s like the spark of the moment. You are receiving a higher consciousness. You will be inspired by this new moon.