May’s New Moon falls in earthy Taurus, on May 22, 2020. The bigger news is that 3 planets retrograde all within the same week. Prepare for some intensity as Saturn, the King of Karma, Jupiter the Guru planet that brings opportunities and Venus, the planet that has rulership over relationships all retrograde within days of each other.

Saturn rules the 10th house of the natural zodiac, dealing with career. Saturn’s retrograde (5/10/2020) will effect Capricorn and Aquarius rising signs most. Saturn is the karmic indicator and testing of one’s fortitude is what this planet does very well. Saturn wants us to tow the line, so to speak. Any weak link or weakness that we have shown in responsibility will be brought front and center. If Saturn rules your 7th house or is located there, you may be shown or become aware of responsibilities you did not quite own up to. Or maybe you over did it. As in
you took on all the responsibility and allowed your partner to escape their part. Saturn is good at showing us the weak link, so that we may re-pair it.

Saturn’s energy tends to be restrictive. Lockdowns and sheltering in place are common in our conversations now. Saturn rules fear and as it retrogrades we will see more anxiety and fear in society. This is part of what I call “mental poisoning” that is happening. News outlets and media are beginning to intensify their stories. Censorship is now rampant among FB, YouTube, Google. Reporting the news is something of the past. Now, it’s opinion and what “they” ? want us to know. Saturn works on the psyche. Often causing depression or melancholy. Mentally, the energy is slow and dull. Saturn has rings around the planet. I have said it represents how Saturn operates. A person
may feel as if they are locked in, or out. Either way, nothing is moving. Aquarius and Capricorn are ruled by Saturn and will feel its retrograde energy the most.
Saturn goes direct on Sept. 29, 2020.

Jupiter, the Guru planet that brings us opportunities has retrograded (5/12/2020) in Capricorn along with Saturn. Jupiter is becoming stronger now being retrograded and debilitated. On July 1st, it will retrograde all the way back to Sagittarius, a sign it owns. Freedom, justice and truth will be a focus. People are beginning to awaken. Noticing that there freedoms are being removed. The “plandemic” has more questions than answers. And yet again, the responsibility (Saturn) of it is shrouded in some secrecy. Was it a plan? If so, who were the parties involved?
The questions are endless, but none the less will need to be addressed as we work to re-structure, rebuild our country. Jupiter represents Freedom. It will be an interesting July 4th. Notice there are states who are protesting their “lockdown” status.Sagittarius and Pisces are ruled by Jupiter and will feel its retrograde energy the most.
Jupiter turns direct on Sept. 13, 2020.

Venus retrogrades on May 13, 2020. Venus is the planet that deals with love and relationships. Venus energy is creative, enjoys the arts and fine dining. As it retrogrades we will be reviewing our relationships. It will be as if a kind of spotlight has been cast on all our relationships. It is a good time for examining what is working and what is not working. When Venus retrogrades, a romance from the past may be revived. It will become necessary at some point to look closely at the reasons it did not work the first time. When Venus goes direct it may become clear or we have a resolution and clarity on our relationships.

I think it is very interesting that the 2 planets that rule relationships for men and women are retrograde at the same time. Causing us to dive deeper and be honest with ourselves and our mates, spouses, lovers. And then Saturn
the planet that deals with responsibility is also retrograde. With the retrograde cycle we may notice the flaws of our mates more. We may even become more critical, with Venus retrograde. Venus will retrograde the shortest amount of time. On June 25th, it will turn direct and our review of love will be complete. Venus is also about values and what we value. By the end time of the review you will be very clear on what and who you value.