sun and buddhaJupiter the planet of luck and fortune will turn retrograde on Dec. 8, 2014. Jupiter is the planet that brings opportunities our way. Currently, Jupiter is transiting through the sign of Cancer. Cancer is a sign that is focused on family and feelings.
As Jupiter retrogrades, there is a need to go back and review matters and issues that involve family and feelings. It is important to recognize that Jupiter also plays a part in our traditional beliefs. When a benefic planet like Jupiter turns retrograde, it lessens its abilities to produce good effects. It makes the planet weak for doing for what it does. Jupiter is a planet that promotes optimism and faith. Each sign of the zodiac will experience Jupiter’s retrograde somewhat differently. Your ascendant sign will tell you where you are most likely to experience Jupiter’s retrograde. Remember that retrograde periods are best for reviewing and reassessing. See your ascendant sign below for the areas you may experience Jupiter’s retrograde.

Jupiter retrogrades:

Aries – Home, family
Taurus – Siblings, communications
Gemini – Money, speaking
Cancer – Physical body, health
Leo – Losses, spiritual life
Virgo – Groups, friends
Libra – Career, status
Scorpio – Teaching, travel
Sagittarius – Change
Capricorn – Partner, business partner
Aquarius – Health, everyday routine
Pisces – Children, speculation