Jupiter the planet of luck, prosperity and fortune turns retrograde June 20, 2021. Jupiter is often referred to as the “guru” planet. Jupiter’s energy is optimistic. When you are feeling happy…..you can thank Jupiter, because it is casting an aspect to your natal planets to make you feel joy.

This planet functions best in Cancer and is considered debilitated in Capricorn. When a planet is debilitated that means it can not fully give all its benefits. To give you an idea of just how large Jupiter’s domain is here is a list of areas that Jupiter rules:
Money, wealth, optimism, law, legal affairs, wisdom, children, religion, philosophy opportunity, prosperity, luck fortune, foreigners, foreign lands, foreign affairs, meditation, astrology, guru’s,
Religious teachers, compassion, past life credit, morality, truthfulness. Whew…….and there’s more, but I wanted you to get an idea. Now here’s a big one and one that is my favorite (although there are many) and that is Jupiter is the planet that helps give us solutions to our problems.

So you see, Jupiter is capable of gifting us the higher evolutionary qualities for mankind. Everyone has Jupiter somewhere in their chart. If your Jupiter needs strengthening, there are many remedial measures which can help you. That is the beauty of Vedic Astrology. Any area of your natal chart that is weak can receive assistance.

The ancient rishi’s and masters knew the secrets. They understood the importance of time.

They could manifest their thoughts immediately because they knew when to use that energy. And an important clue they left behind was “Know Thyself” written on their temples.

Understanding your Vedic chart could be the single most important gift you give yourself.