Jupiter the benefic planet of luck, fortune and wealth turned retrograde on Nov. 7, 2013.

Jupiter is currently traveling through the sign of Gemini, an air sign that is concerned with communicating. Jupiter expands things. As you might guess there will be alot of information that is reviewed and revisited over the upcoming months of this retrograde period. Benefic planets such as Jupiter are not as strong and are unable to function at their best.
Sagittarius and Pisces will feel this retrograde period the most, as Jupiter is their ruling planet. Wherever Jupiter is transiting for you and the planets it aspects in your natal chart is where you will feel this energy. Remember, retrograde periods are best used to review, revisit and reassess.
Below is a quick reference on how Jupiter’s retrograde might affect your rising sign.

Jupiter will turn direct on March 6, 2014.

If you are:

Aries rising: Communications, sibling and short distance travel are highlighted. You are reviewing some kind of information, education or knowledge.

Taurus rising: Matters around money and how you earn it may be under review. Reviewing something from your past could result in money owed to you.

Gemini rising: Time to review your diet and lifestyle. Someone from your past could show up in your life. It may be necessary to review your partner/mate communications.

Cancer rising: You may be drawn to spiritual places, visiting some foreign country. You will be interested in more quiet and contemplation.

Leo rising: Friendships, groups and organizations are up for review. A friend from your past resurfaces.

Virgo rising: You may be reviewing your career options. Do your due diligence thoroughly.

Libra rising: Travel and education are both hot topics and you may be taking another look at something you considered in the past.

Scorpio rising: You may gain from inheritance, interest in metaphysics, spiritual knowledge, past knowledge and how to use this knowledge and/or share the information.

Sagittarius rising: Someone from your past, either a business partner or potential life partner comes into your life.

Capricorn rising: Take care of you health, competitors from the past could show up. You may be able to kick back for awhile.

Aquarius rising: Children and communication are up for review. Take care with speculation, be sure to get all the information. Possible romantic interest from past.

Pisces rising: Home matters, reviewing people and places from the past. Possible review of assets. Education what to do with and beyond it.