825947The month of November is an active one. First, we are experiencing a solar eclipse along wtih Mercury retrograde. Eclipses can be revealing, shining a light on things, people,and events that have before gone unnoticed. This eclipse is occurring in the sign of Libra. Libra is concerned with balance or bringing things into balance.
Swati is the “nakshatra” associated with this eclipse. Swati gives the power to “scatter like the wind”. Irregular weather patterns that are extreme and out of balance are becoming more noticeable around the planet. Mercury’s retrograde during the eclipse has us revisiting something we have looked at before and shelved or put on hold. Possibly even revealing some kind of information that was withheld or not exactly clear to us. Libra is an air sign and so involves communication. It is easy for communications to become misinterpreted or misunderstood during this time, especially since Mercury retrograde is involved. It’s simply not the best time to try to clear up matters. 5 days on either side of an eclipse can be well…unpredictable. Not to be too hard on Mercury here, some things may even get cleared up, once Mercury goes direct by Nov. 10th. The simple fact that the nodes are involved makes it all the more like a trip to the gambling casino.
This eclipse falls in the 11th house of the USA’s chart. 11th house is associated with large groups and organizations. Like for instance the US government. There is certainly alot of information swirling around or we could say “scattering”, as Swati is involved. They are holding a spotlight (eclipse) position now, along with other large affliated organizations. The outer planets Pluto (transformation) and Uranus (unexpected events) are squaring off. People are beginning to become very upset. Where this is going is almost anyone’s guess. But remember, your thoughts create energy. Transformation is most certainly underway. What kind of Universe do we want to create? Breathe in balance. Begin your day with a few minutes of meditation.

Coming up next, Jupiter will turn retrograde Nov. 7, 2013.