The new moon for June is falling in the nakshatra of “Ardra”. Ardra is a sharp fierce nakshatra.
Ardra’s meaning is the “the moist one” and is shown as the teardrop. There is a connection with destruction, as the deity is Rudra, the lord of storms and god of destruction. There is a dual nature here, with the moon in Gemini. Ardra is also related to the thinking mind which can lead to higher consciousness after the storms of life. This too is shown by the teardrop. Through our tears and beyond our suffering we begin to see with more clarity.

The new moon is located in the sign of Gemini. Gemini is connected to the 3rd sign of the natural zodiac and ruled by the winged messenger, Mercury. Expect there to be volumes of information coming and going. For Gemini, there is no such thing as “information overload”. None the less, some of us may feel like we are having a circuit outage. Mars and Mercury will be traveling near each other along with the Sun and Moon. This means there is a lot of planetary energy in the sign of Gemini resulting in chaotic confusion with communications! Mars and Mercury are not friendly to each other, causing disturbance, arguments, and disagreements. It may feel a bit like having a house full of people and no one is getting along.

Knowing this ahead of time is the advantage to knowing astrology. You may be thinking, What is the most beneficial constructive way to use this kind of energy? It is good for creating. Albert Einsteins ascendant sign was Gemini and in the nakshatra of Ardra. He is an example of knowing how to use this powerful energy for creating. To say it another way, he knew how to harness the energy of his mind.

Here’s a tip to help you: Take 3 deep breaths. This helps to clear your mind. Your breath and your mind are intimately linked. Limit the amount of technology and communications you are taking in around this time. Observing your thoughts and holding positive thoughts will help you. You are the manager of your mind. With every thought you are creating.

June 23rd is the exact date of the new moon. If you have natal planets near the degrees of the new moon (8 degrees) you may experience this more intensely. This is a good time for creativity. It is also very good for being aware of your thoughts. With every thought, you are creating. Creating with mindful awareness is the most positive way to use this energy.

You have an Albert Einstein within you. Now is the time.

See predictions for your rising sign below:

Aries: Prepare to have your roller skates on this month, dear Aries! June’s new moon is sweeping in changes for you. You may find yourself in the car often, with short distance commutes. Communications will be highlighted. This area will see improvements with siblings.
You mind will be active during this time. Motivation is the gift of the new moon.

Taurus: Profits or financial gains involving real estate come your way. Emphasis on money coming and going will be connected with your mate and children. Some unexpected expenses may come up. Pay close attention to your diet during this time. Accept any speaking engagement that comes your way.

Gemini: Your personal charm and magnetism will go a long way this month. You will easily defeat or win out over any competitors during this time. Be mindful of your thoughts, you could see them manifest almost instantly. Visualize what you desire and watch what happens!

Cancer: Conserve your energy during this time. Your thoughts are an important ingredient to any difficulties that come to you now. Gentle stretching, yoga, meditation and walks in nature
will prove to be your best remedy. Pay attention to your diet.

Leo: Communication matters that deal with the opposite sex come up. Siblings can be very helpful now. You will experience financial gains. You can see both sides of the coin, this helps you with business success. Travel will bring good luck to you.

Virgo: Career shifts. New friendships will benefit you. Females from large organizations provide useful ideas, or connect you to the right person. Matters that deal with your mate and home change in an unexpected way.

Libra: Chance meetings can bring a new relationship into you life. If you are in a relationship, it would be a great time to travel with your significant other. Expect the unexpected where your partner is concerned.

Scorpio: Home matters are back on the front burner again. You have incredible insight and its likely you are feeling the winds of change in matters that deal with your home and your career.
June will be a pivotal month for setting the stage. Career and home are connected.

Sagittarius: Jupiter, your ruling planet finally goes direct in June. You will feel better and more positive now. First, before you get in a hurry, reflect back to see what piece of the puzzle you need to carry forward. Your opportunity now is to take your career to new heights. With Jupiter moving forward, you have no excuses left!

Capricorn: Your partner will encounter some changes in their everyday routine that could affect you. These everyday changes may involve their work routine or their health routine. Perhaps one is affecting the other. All will stem from emotional issues revolving around misunderstandings. Your ruling planet (Saturn) will transit back to your 11th house, of groups, friendships and large organizations. There is a piece of the puzzle that you missed before (11th house matters). Now is your chance to retrieve it.

Aquarius: Some previous acquaintances or friendships will re-enter your life. This could also include a romantic relationship that you have had in the past. Yes, I am saying it could be rekindled. Your ruling planet, Saturn is retrograde, and will be most of the summer. Here is your opportunity to get clarification on what caused (romantic or friendly) these relationships to go off the tracks before. By the time Saturn goes direct in late August, you have completed this process.

Pisces: You will feel more positive this month. This is because Jupiter, your ruling planet has now turned direct. The path is now open for more resources and opportunities to come your way. There is an emphasis on your home life now. Projects and partnerships keep you busy. Remember, to carve out some peaceful time for yourself along the way. That means giving your mind a rest too.