Uranus planet of unexpected events and sudden happenings is about to be activated.  This takes place in the sign of Aries.

Aries is a pioneering sign and the first sign of the natural zodiac. The symbol is the Ram. The Ram is powerful, fearless, and takes initiative to lead.  Mars rules Aries and so this empowers all these qualities.

Mars, planet of action and energy just entered the sign of Aries a few days ago, so it is getting up steam and power. Mars transit through the sign of Aries brings motivation and sense of urgency to get things done. Mars is a forward moving planet, it is goal oriented and interested in moving ahead.

Mars becomes independent and willing to step out on its own in order to reach its’ goal or what it has set its sights on.

This is a good time for moving forward with project or plans. Short term projects can be completed while Mars is transiting Aries. Mars will be in Aries until March 23rd. The Moon enters Aries on Sunday, Feb. 10th (CST), just minutes after 8:00 am.  It will begin to transit with fiery Mars and the planet of unexpected events Uranus.

Here, the Moon activates an already active Mars. This creates impulsiveness & excitement.  Mars is a passionate planet, and the Moon represents women and female energy. Attraction, excitement and creative energy are all part of this transit. Mars and Moon represent powerful women, working together. The moon will spend its usual time here in Aries and that transit last through Tuesday, Feb. 12th.  From morning of Feb. 10th – 12th. This is an intense time for the Moon and Mars.

During that time, Uranus, The Great Awakener conjuncts with the Moon and Mars.  

Uranus is often associated with “The Tower” card in tarot, because it is “unexpected” energy that comes out of nowhere. Like lightnening or a thunder bolt.  Uranus is “change” and it is associated with earthquakes, lightening, and thunder bolts. It is also an “inventive” kind of energy.

Quick and unexpected change. Surprises. Uranus deals with computers, technology, and airplanes. This is good time for ideas, inventions that come to the forefront.  It is not a good time for air travel. As both Mars and Uranus can be involved in technical challenges and accidents.

Uranus and Mars bring an intense creativity. And one that uses its power to make quick decisions!  Scientific knowledge that is healing, this can be knowledge that has been known but just now coming out.  This is also a great time for inventions. Inventions from the past surface.

Much of this will have to do with healing or the knowledge and the ability to heal.

This is a very unusual & very power filled transit.

The Moon represents our subconscious mind, I often refer to this as the “feeling mind”.  We may feel as if we are being shaken into a new reality.

Uranus is awakening our Consciousness. This is an intense stimulation to our conscious, bringing In an urge to change, Mars, acting at the motivator. Motivation to awaken from a deep sleep.


Ashwini is the nakshatra that the Moon, Mars and Uranus all conjoin in.

People born under this star have healing powers.The Ashwin twins were the celestial healers of the zodiac.  Ashwini symbolizes the “horse’s head”. Aries is also related to the head and the first sign of the natural zodiac.  

How to use this transit for your benefit:  Pay close attention to feelings, ideas and thoughts that surface. The moon is our subconscious and so past events or thoughts can surface.  Your dreams may be vivid or bring in some kind of new information. You may have an entire awareness

Of your past which could help you to have a new complete understanding of
Who you are.  This awareness can also bring healing.

Mars energy used in its highest & most positive manifestation is that of a “spiritual warrior”. Energy that is used to enlighten humanity.

Mars energy used at its lowest and most negative is selfish, harmful, fighting, and uses destruction, manipulation and war.

The reason to know astrology is to know how to use this time to be most beneficial and productive for you.

Both  the nakshatra of Ashwini and the sign of Aries indicate new beginnings. Every sign of the zodiac will experience this transit. 

So I am adding the sign and house and all that I have said above pertains to this incredible “awakening”.


Aries: This transit takes place in your 1st house. Pay attention to your physical body, your Ideas, creative thoughts abound. Write them down!

Taurus:  Dreams, pay attention to your dreams, again write them down. Important information comes from your subconscious mind now.

Gemini: (11th H) Friends and the house of gains (desires) activated by this transit.

Cancer: (10th) Your career, something sudden and unexpected.

Leo:(9th)  Unusual oppty for travel (best to wait) possibity to learn new topic. Visit with your Dad.

Virgo: (8th)  Sudden changes, could involve accidents, sibling or friends.

Libra: (7th)  Sudden changes with your mate or business partner.

Scorpio: (6th)  Take special care of health. Exercise caution. 6th house involves your enemies and accidents.

Sagittarius: (5th)  Sudden changes with children, speculation.

Capricorn:(4th) Changes that affect your home, mother.  

Aquarius: (3rd) Tendency to have disagreement with siblings, take care with any communications and short distance travel.

Pisces:(2nd) Financial changes come w/new inventiveness/ideas. Eat healthy foods now.