Valentine’s Day brings a contradictory mix of emotions.  The moon sets the tone for our “feelings”. It does not get more steady than this, the moon will be transiting through earthy Taurus. In vedic astrology the moon finds it happiest place here in the sign of Taurus the Bull. And no wonder, Taurus is grounded, stable and focused on accumulating. There is a desire for comfort and that equates to comfortable surroundings. This is a sensuous placement for the moon and Jupiter the planet of expansion which also is the indicator of the female’s mate is aspecting the moon on this day. That means that everything that concerns the Moon (female) and Taurus is magnified. There is a fullness of love and life!  Ladies, no need to start your engines. You’ ve had Valentine’s Day tucked away in your subconscious mind.

Venus, planet of love will definitely have stars in her eyes tonight. This is a visionary placement for Venus.  Guys, will want to treat your special someone to a restaurant that is visually interesting or the entertainment spot will need to be artistically enhanced, cozy and interesting. Rich foods and don’t forget the chocolate, please. Taurus (moon) is known to love chocolate! If you are traveling during this time, it is highly likely that you will meet a person of intense interest! And this applies to both male and female.

Venus is will be aspecting Mars and Uranus.  This trio combines sudden intensified feelings of love with a healthy dose of passion.  Mars is the planet of action and it is very strong in its own sign (Aries) currently. Mars is also the planet of passion, Venus the planet of love.  Uranus brings the surprise.

And guess what?  The surprise can be that you are are attracted to someone and you do not even understand this attraction!  Yeah, go figure that one. This person that you are intensely attracted to does not fit

the list of requirements or the model of what you have had in mind for yourself. The fact that you feel intensely drawn to a person who does not look anything like YOUR idea of attraction, can cause some trepidation.

Maybe you do not care for the way they dress, or the way they chew their food or which side they part their hair on.  I know this sounds strange, but so is the fact of being attracted to someone who does not fit your model. I call this being attracted to a “beautiful mind”.  

This in itself is a whole big conundrum. To add icing on the cake as they say is this:  Uranus wants freedom and independence, Venus wants love and romance and Mars, well you knew it was coming, Mars is looking for passion and sex.

Mars (passion) is aspecting Jupiter (expansion) in sexy Scorpio. That is astro lingo for Mars is looking very hot and seductive.  Remember, Jupiter is the indicator of the mate for women. Venus is the indicator of mate for the male. Yes, everyone is in on the love, hook-up, romantic, intense, sudden attraction mile high club that is hard to make sense of in some strange way.  Wait, did I say that?

Uranus adds the interesting twist, eccentric and unusual. Kinda makes you think tall, dark, handsome and unhookable or beautiful, cold and detached.  But wait, Venus is transiting with Saturn (in it for the long haul) that gives it staying power.

Venus represents female energy, Jupiter male energy. There are sooo many twists of fate here!  It’s a cornucopia of opportunities.

Around 10:30 pm (CST) there will be a mood or shift in feelings. The moon moves out of sensuous Taurus and in to chatty Gemini. Ladies, I do not have to tell you, you will lose your vantage point, especially if this is a first impression.

So here is what I say to those who have a date, it should be a fantastically interesting evening. Starting a little early, could have it’s advantages…

If you do not have a date on Valentine’s proceed with caution around mile high and low areas.