Saturn, the taskmaster planet has now turned direct in the sign of Sagittarius. For the signs of Capricorn and Aquarius (Saturn rules) it brings long awaited relief. Actually, it brings relief for all signs.
Saturn and Ketu (the south node) are nearing conjunction. It creates a kind of “wipe out”. Saturn creates blocks, obstacles and overall fear. Ketu operates in a subtle way, kind of like something evaporating.
Here’s a quick look at each sign and what the Saturn/Ketu conjunction means as they move ahead.

Aries: Saturn & Ketu has been tr. your 9th house, matters that deal w/your father or Guru, if you’ve been trying to publish something, that will move forward, if you’ve exp. Delays with travel, traveling will not be as difficult with Saturn moving forward.

Taurus: Saturn & Ketu would have cause issues w/finances if you work
In an area of commission structure or bonus plans. Or even your partners money. Saturn would have cause a blockage and now that will clear up.

Gemini: Saturn & Ketu would have cause issues w/your mate, spouse, husband or wife. Matters that deal w/your business if you are a business owner.

Cancer: Saturn & Ketu would have caused issues w/ your health, maybe you have felt depressed or melancholy. It might have affected how you do
Your routine or work, also making it more difficult in some unusual way.

Leo: Saturn & Ketu would have cause some issues with your children, or matters that deal w/ speculation. If you invest or day trade, Saturn/Keut
Would have caused some frustration in that area.

Virgo: Saturn/Ketu would have affected your home in some way. Or even your mother/parents/sibling. Maybe you have not been home as much as you wish or have had access to it in the way you would prefer.

Libra: Saturn & Ketu would have caused some issues w/siblings. Maybe you do not feel as close as you wish. Now is the time that you can make the correction or put it into action.

Scorpio: Financial matters. And also food. Finances have needed to be reassessed. And then you may also be changing the foods you eat.
Both of these are very important and relate to your health and wealth.

Sagittarius: Saturn & Ketu has changed your belief system. This has happened over time. It could have also caused some health issues to arise.
SAturn rules the bones in the body.

Capricorn: Saturn & Ketu may have caused issues w/foreigh travels or foreign people if you business dealings. This is actually a good place for Capricorn to develop their spiritual practices.

Aquarius: Saturn & Ketu have been traveling through your 11th house of friendships and groups & organizations. It’s likely that your friends have changed since April. YOu may have changed schools and this changes your friends and the groups you belong to. So now you will move on and acquire new friends and belong to new groups.

Pisces: Saturn & Ketu has been tr. your career house, your 10th house.
This has made you feel very stifled or stuck in a situation that you desire
To be out of ASAP. You are the bird that is being freed from the cage!