The upcoming eclipse will be a time of shifting and awakening. Many have already started to experience the emotional changes that are part of our planet awakening.

Here are 8 signs or symptoms that you may be experiencing or have started experiencing over the last years, months, or days. These are the ones I notice most profoundly, please feel free to email or share yours. This is a new journey for all of us.

I chose 8 signs or symptoms, there can be many more. These are the ones that I have felt the most. You may reasonate with some and you will certainly have your own that are your personal journey. As a Scorpio, and the 8th sign of the Zodiac, this is the sign of transformation. Being an astrologer, a hypnotist and a yoga teacher all deal with transformation in one way or the other. I know that I am here to help transform, not only my life, but to help others do this as well. Interestingly, astrology is the blueprint of the soul, showing us our spiritual path. Hypnosis, is a tool for transforming our habits, behaviors and feelings. Yoga involves the mind and the body connection. This is a very simple explanation of each, yet each, has its own in depth way of showing us the way to TRANSFORMATION.


1. You become aware of the suffering of humanity. (you may begin to notice and feel this as you travel about in your day to day activities, the look on people’s faces or just a feeling that you have about their pain or suffering).

2. You have a desire to be in nature or connect with nature more.(You begin to notice outdoors, birds, wildlife, or have a desire for fresh air, observance and appreciation of nature).

3. You want to quit your job.(No matter what you have done to get to where you are, it no longer satisfies you, something more seems to be calling you).

4.You become acutely aware of your negative habits. (You become aware of your own self destruction and what you have done to hurt others in the past).

5. You judge less & love more. (This is 2 fold, but hand in hand. Your understanding has surpassed judgement, you only feel love.)

6. You search for and desire the truth. (All that matters now is TRUTH.)

7. Solitude. ( You desire and need more down time or more alone time, however you define that, quiet places, walks in nature…)

8. You LOVE this planet, Mother Earth, and wish all its habitants to live in peace, harmony, abundance and love.