August begins with a stellium of 5 planets in retrograde. Uranus, the planet of unexpected events will be joining the ranks (making it 6) of retrograde on August 7th.

You will find yourself reviewing, reassessing and re-imagining your life during this time. This is an incredible time to be on planet Earth.

The upcoming solar eclipse will occur Aug. 11th in the sign of Cancer.

The star associated with this eclipse is “Ashlesha”. This star’s symbol is the Serpent. Serpents signify wisdom in the Vedas. Snakes have the ability to shed their skins and are symbols of death and rebirth. Serpent power is also referred to as “Kundalini”.

Yoga teachers know this energy as Kundalini, the dormant power of infinity. It is the awakening of consciousness.

Kundalini is spiritual energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine. The word, Kundalini means “serpent” or “life force” and also coiled.

It is referring to the energy of consciousness. Kundalini is an awakening process that can bring on many different feelings, thoughts, emotions, some negative and some positive. Shifts in how you see yourself and the world. This awakening can range from feelings of bliss to confusion and mental and emotional disturbance.

This is a time of transformation for the entire planet.

Vedic astrology does not use the same zodiac as western astrology. I have made it easier for you to see where you may experience the most change from the upcoming eclipse. All eclipses sweep change in. Often, unexpected.

Just look for your birth date.


April 14 – May 14 – Aries: Changes involve your home including children, home, mate and partner. If you have a blended family, you can expect some changes, possibly someone new may be coming to live with you.

May 15 – June 14 – Taurus – Communication snafus with siblings can be cleared up, within a little time. Dont rush.Focus on understanding. Extra caution with short distance commutes and long distance travel.

June 15 – July 15 – Gemini: Issues around money and mate will surface. Use caution with all communications.Make a mental note: your ruling planet Mercury turns direct on 8/19. It will be time to move forward with all the information you have gained after that time.

July 16 – Aug. 16 – Cancer: Insights, revelations, partner, mate may have unexpected health challenges and/or job career upsets. Changes overall in your relationship.

Aug. 17 – Sept. 16 – Leo: Friendships are strained or possibly you have lost someone close to you. You are feeling loss. Pay attention to your health now. Communication with your mate is challenging now.

Sept. 17 – Oct. 16 – Virgo: Changes or shifts in friendships. Friendships through large organizations undergoing change. Possible gains over time. Best to wait until Mercury is direct before making any commitments with career changes and organizations. (Mercury direct 8/19).

Oct. 17 – Nov. 15 – Libra: Career shift. Use caution if a friend has invited you to come on board and work with them. Some information will not be clear or missing during this month. Mercury going direct, 8/19 will help.

Nov. 16 – Dec. 15 – Scorpio: You may travel to teach or teach to travel, either way a shift is much needed.

Dec. 16 – Jan. 13 – Sagittarius: You have been in a stalemate. And likely to be wishing to change your entire life. Speculation and money improvements after Sept. 6th. Saturn is forcing slow change on you.

Jan. 14 – Feb. 12 – Capricorn: Emotional changes for you. Connecting with others who you feel you have common ground may be challenging during this time. Your mate is also experiencing change. Communication may not be clear until Mercury turns direct (8/19). And your ruling planet, Saturn turns direct 9/6. Best to wait for both planets to be direct.

Feb. 13 – March 13 – Aquarius: Your everyday routine is going to be changing, in case it has not already done so. Scheduling your time and routine will become very important. Work in your health routine, a new one or tweak the one you have.

March 14 – April 13 – Pisces: You have been working on reinventing yourself. There’s still some work for you to do. Opportunities may come from someone behind the scenes. The bigger shift takes place 10/12.