825947It would be almost impossible to not notice the events that have happened in our country within the last few weeks. The Sun and Mars are 2 hot volatile planets when combined, this resulted in the Boston Bombings on April 15th. Life has once again been changed by the acts of terrorists. There has been a lot of energy centered in the sign of Aries. I think of this as just having too many house guests.
Aries is ruled by Mars which is a planet of quick action, energy and movement. We can all be thankful to those who are first responders. Theirs is no easy task in the world we live in today. If we look closer, there are quite a few stories which are beginning to have more light shed on them. For instance today 3 women who had previously been kidnapped have now been found after 10 years! More is being exposed about Benghazi, with additional hearings to be held this week. Yes indeed we may feel as if we are being eclipsed. You may have your own personal story to tell about how the eclipses are affecting you. The best way through, as they say is to simplify your life as much as possible during this time. Keep your schedule light. Delay any meetings or signing any contracts. Find a yoga studio or a meditation center. Take a walk and enjoy the parks. Allow. What needs to be revealed will be revealed. After the dust settles in about another week, then we can “remain calm and carry on”. Eclipses can affect us up to 1 year after they occur.