825947 Eclipse’s are harbingers of change. I sometimes think of them as the zodiac’s trip to a casino, where you draw a “wild card”. Eclipse’s have that unpredictable nature about them. As this is a lunar eclipse, any planets in your natal chart that are near (by aspect or conjunction) will cause events to unfold. The Moon is representative of our mind, thoughts and emotions. In Vedic astrology, the Moon has special importance, for it rules our piece of mind. This eclipse is occurring in the sign of Libra, ruled by Venus. If you are familiar with your ascendant/rising sign, below is a glimpse of the areas this eclipse will have an impact on for you. It is best to avoid decisions around eclipse time. Yoga, pranayama and meditation will be helpful. Keep your schedule light.

Aries- Partnership/business/relationship/spouse




Leo-Communications/sibling/short distance travel


Libra-Physical body/health


Sagittarius-Friends, groups, organizations


Aquarius-Father, travel, education