Are your Beliefs YOUR Beliefs?

The eclipses in January fall in the signs of Sagittarius and Cancer.  Sagittarius is a sign that represents the 9th house of the natural zodiac, associated with our beliefs, our overall philosophy about life. The 9th house is considered to be the most fortunate house in your chart.  Cancer is the sign connected to the 4th house, representing home, mother and feelings and emotions. The 4th house is also called a “moksha” house in astrology. Moksha houses relate to our soul, the deepest most hidden part of us. Often, it is our feelings that we keep hidden or our feelings about certain beliefs.

This brings up concerns and questions around our beliefs and our feelings about our beliefs.  

In case you do not know how attached we are to our beliefs. Turn on your TV or radio and watch or listen to the news and see how upset and out of control people quickly become if they feel someone is challenging their belief or beliefs.

Most of us have never given much thought about our beliefs or why we believe what we believe.  In fact, I admit, I had not thought that much about it. Until I begin to dive in to some deeper studies that are offered through the PIllai Academy.  I did not know, what I did not know.

You, like I, might be shocked or surprised to know that your DNA has a connection to what you believe. Wow, like I was, whaa……??  The positive thing about this is that I begin to understand on a deeper level and I could start to see that many of those beliefs were no longer useful to me. As a child, I had a child’s mind. I did not know or understand, I saw through a child’s eyes. I simply had the trust of a child and I downloaded the information that was given to me at that time by the adults that were raising me. However, now and life experiences bring something different.

Now, please know I am not saying abandon all that you believe or have been taught. This is not my message or my belief.  

I do think it is good to challenge our beliefs.  And here is what I mean. Does that belief (whatever it is) serve your higher purpose?  Does it empower you or disempower you? The most important message I want to convey, is this. What do you believe about yourself?  

As I stated above Sagittarius is the sign connected to our beliefs and it is also connected to the 9th house, the most fortunate house in our astrology chart. This means that your belief is directly tied to your fortune, and your fortune is tied to your belief.  Do you see? 

Cancer is the sign of the lunar eclipse on January 21st. Numbers are important here. Numerologically speaking 21 = 3. The number 3 represents body, mind, spirit. It is no coincidence that the year of 2019 =12 = 3, also emphasizes body, mind, spirit. Do you see?

Cancer is a water sign, water signs “feel”. And you know what else?

Water signs have the ability to let go of whatever it is that has hurt, wounded or damaged them. How do I know?  I am a water sign. And I am a hypnotist along with being an astrologer. I see the results of others who are brave enough to step into their fear. They want to heal whatever has damaged, hurt or wounded their soul.

Everyone has hurts and wounds, everyone has suffered somewhere along the way.  Now, is the time we can finally let go of beliefs that no longer serve us. Whatever has held you back, a belief or an idea, whatever it was, NOW is the time that you can release it and move into the authenticity of YOU.

NOW is for YOU.