26811776Saturn/Rahu Conjunction – Sept. 25, 2013 –This is a major conjunction that will affect our entire planet. The events that happen around this conjunction will be written in our history. Saturn and Rahu will conjunct this month in the sign of Libra. Saturn is a planet that brings restrictions, obstacles, limitations and delays. The energy of Saturn is subtle as it is a planet that moves very slow. These 2 will be transiting near each other over a series of days because they move so slow. Rahu magnifies things so as these two come together we will see the unfolding of world events occurring that will have an impact on everyone. In addition to this, Libra is the constellation this conjunction is occurring in. Venus, is the ruler of Libra and influences all relationships. This will cause challenges for many. There will be a tendency for things to be swept out of control and relationships will suffer. The planetary energy is one of high stress, fear and anxiety. Weather and weather patterns will continue to be erratic. Most likely we will see more storms and turbulent weather that is destructive. Saturn/Rahu have been associated with destruction and wars. This conjunction falls in the 11th house of the USA. Foreign relationships will affect our country. At this moment the USA is considering intervening in Syria. The decisions our leaders make at this time in history will have a profound and lasting effect on each and every one of us. Spend time doing things that bring you peace. Take a walk in nature, swim, go to a yoga class, meditate, chant, pray. Remember to breathe.