Mercury’s first retrograde for 2014 is on! Gemini’s and Virgo’s, Mercury is your ruling planet which means Mercury’s retrograde can cause a little more confusion than for those other 10 signs of the zodiac. Mercury is the “winged messenger”, now with that kind of name you know this planet moves fast. It has a rather vast domain, ruling over ALL communications. Just imagine you were the CEO of Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, TV, Radio, etc. We are just scratching the surface here, but you get the message. Mercury rules over technology. Here are my usual tips for dealing with Mercury retrograde. Avoid purchasing electronics, this includes a car (Mercury goes direct on Feb. 27th). Make sure you are communicating clearly. Take your time when sending out any form of communication. Mercury’s quick thinking and quick speech can sometimes be tricky, you might not have meant that the way it came out! And, before you hit the send button on your device, re-read or edit that communication.
Retrograde periods are good for review, reassessing, realigning, readdressing, reevaluating. Clothes purchased during this time are most likely to be returned. Tomorrow, when you review your purchase, you may find yourself thinking,
“what was I thinking?”. If you are meeting someone for dinner plans be sure you are clear on which restaurant and the time. If you can avoid signing any contracts during this period, it would be wise to do so. Many times, Mercury causes an issue for later times to be dealt with. It is a good time for taking another look at your health and fitness regimen. Perhaps there is some education that has interested you in the past and it has come around again for you to review. It’s a good time for thinking out of the box.
Gemini, Mercury is retrograding in your 9th house, perhaps bringing in some travel, education, higher learning and overall change in your communication style. Virgo, Mercury retrogrades in your 5th house, affecting issues with romance, children , and matters that deal with your home.