Mercury begins its first retrograde period for 2013 today, in the constellation of Aquarius. Aquarius is an air sign that deals with communicating. Most of the time we do not look upon retrograde cycles as an opportunity. We would prefer to move steadily forward. However, Mercury retrograde has something to say. It is necessary for us to go back and review or reassess some information. The key to what you are reviewing is the house that Mercury is currently transiting through. Overall, Mercury is the planet that deals with all levels of communications. Mercury retrogrades are notorious for causing confusion. It’s just the messages we receive don’t seem clear or they don’t have all the information we need. If you are in the market for a job, be sure you understand what will be expected of you. If you are car shopping, its best to wait until Mercury goes direct, Mercury also rules technology. Any endeavour
involving contracts are best delayed if possible. If you can not delay then have
legal counsel or a trusted friend review the communications. The best way to deal with Mercury retrograde is to slow down, take your time, review your own emails or communication before it goes out. It’s possible and even probable that there is a missing link floating around out there that could very useful to you when Mercury turns direct on March 17, 2013.