26811776I wrote this article 2 years ago, when Saturn was retrograding in the constellation of Virgo. Saturn transited into Libra on Aug. 4, 2012. My article won “article of the week” for CyberAstro.com. Even though Saturn has changed signs, Saturn’s characteristics remain the same.
Saturn will turn retrograde on February 18, 2013. Saturn is currently transiting in the constellation of Libra. Like the planets movement, Saturn’s effect on us is slow. A subtle and foggy feeling. Those external rings you can see around Saturn represent barriers. We feel as if we are lost in a labyrinth. We may not know what words at times describe this energy. It feels heavy, and restricting, it has most certainly created obstacles and delays. We think we have no time for such, we are in a hurry to receive our good, whatever that represents for us. Saturn, also known as Father Time has nothing BUT time for us. The most notorious of the malefic planets. Serious and disciplined bringer of limitations and obstacles. Significator of death, disease, poverty, separation and old age.
Oh, and let’s not leave out loneliness, Saturn can make one feel as if they are alone on the planet, the only person singled out to make this journey into the abyss. How, you ask can such a planet be concerned with growing us? Saturn represents the inside work we do for growing ourselves. Growing means venturing into the unknown, letting go, shedding of the old to make room for the new. What do we need to let go of? Is it an old belief or attitude? Letting go means making room for the new.
Letting go of the past, means making room for a new and higher purpose in your life. Change? You say? Yes, says Saturn, but I will give you time….time to do the “inside work”, the work of carving away the ideas or beliefs you have held on to which no longer serve your higher good. I will give you time to reflect, review, and reassess your spiritual path. I will give you the concentration, the discipline, the focus you need to find your true light. Once you do the hard work, truly do the hard work, I will reward you with the gold, that is the light within you, that spark of the divine that you are here to share.
Saturn will go direct on July 8, 2013.