July’s new moon falls in the sign of Cancer and the nakshatra of “Pushya”. This nakshatra is considered to be excellent for starting or beginning any project or business venture. One of the symbols associated with Pushya is a flower. Symbolically the flower represents blossoming. The word Pushya means to nourish or provide nourishment. Cancer is a sign that provides nourishment, being ruled by the moon (feminine energy). This sign is most concerned with nurturing children, home and family. Pushya is also considered to be the most auspicious of all the lunar mansions for spiritual maturity.

Aries: Career matters remain somewhat in flux. Your educational pursuits are on the upswing and this is likely sustaining you. It is a creative time, for you. Fine dining is in store for you with this new moon. Feelings of “retail therapy” are strong. Good time for socializing.

Taurus: Your attractor factor is off the chart this month. Venus, your ruling planet will help you to magnetize to you what you desire. Money spent on education or personal improvements. A makeover or spa treatments. Cosmetic surgical enhancement procedures would be best postponed. Shopping for a new wardrobe might be just the self-improvement that fits for you now.

Gemini: Your interests and curiosity lean toward the unusual now. The foreign or unusual can bring in financial rewards. Communications with siblings may leave you feeling confused. An opportunity to work from home could arise. You are inclined to make home improvements.

Cancer: Know that this month you may be feeling a little thin skinned. In other words, you are extremely sensitive now to others psychic energy. A romance from the past could come around again. Either from past work you have done or through socializing. Pay close attention, this relationship will likely fluctuate.

Leo: Your dream world has a wealth of information for you. This is the time to be writing your dreams down in your dream journal. You may feel overwhelmed with thoughts from the past. It is a good time to research any of your ancestral heritage that you have wondered about in the past. Being frugal is not easy for Leo, this is the month to attempt it. Unexpected expenditures could derail you, momentarily.

Virgo: You experience gains now through your career. This is a good month for advancing your career. Friendships or organizations that you belong to can be beneficial to you now. Advertising could be a bit tricky. Be sure to read the small print, if you enter into any agreement or contract.
Be watchful, do not overextend yourself in any way. Travel has romance involved.

Libra: You have a high level of energy now. Romantic interests are changing. You could meet someone new. It is a good time for travel. A cruise, boating, a stay on the beach. Water adventures in particular will draw you. You have an air of mystery about you, that makes you very interesting to the opposite sex.

Scorpio: This is the month that all your hard work should begin to pay off! Go ahead, launch that product, book, video, whatever it is that you have been working on.Travel and teaching work well together. Opportunities arise. Partnering with someone now is very advantageous for you. Your plate could be overloaded by the end of the month!

Sagittarius: Affiliate marketing, partnering, partnerships dealing with business are big business. Any of the above could have a foreign aspect to it. Or it could be that the products have a foreign connection. Communication is the key central to your success. Be prepared to make some changes.

Capricorn: Your ruling planet, Saturn retrograded just recently. You may be feeling like a scene out of the movie “Ground Hog Day”, when the same things keep happening over and over. Somehow friendships, associations, organizations or even your partner’s friends keep having the same disagreements. This will take the patience and persistence of you, dear Capricorn.

Aquarius: Everyday routine including work will fluctuate throughout this month. There may be a behind the scenes tug of war going on for who is actually in charge. Do not rule out anything or anyone. Your health routine is due for a makeover or at the very least some changes. A personal trainer could bring you a new perspective.

Pisces: You are the recipient of a big dose of “Happiness” this month. Children and relationships make your heart sing. You are feeling pulled in another direction. Partnerships both personal and professional are beneficial to you. Make sure you are clear on the agreements. Your desire nature is strong during this time. Communications with siblings is enjoyable.