December 4, 2021 marks the final solar eclipse for 2021. For certain there is no doubt our planet is undergoing a “transformation” of great magnitude.

Eclipses are harbingers of change.The change can manifest as internal or external or both.

Scorpio is the 8th sign of the natural zodiac and is connected to all matters that deal with life, death and transformation. It is also the sign that deals with hidden things, scandals, sexual energy, and obstacles.

Hint: You and I and the entire planet are in the process of “transforming”. 

Scorpio represents the 12th house of the USA’s chart. The 12th house is another house that deals with what has been done in secret, what has been hidden away. 

Until now. 

Over the next weeks (and in to 2022) we can expect new revelations to come to the forefront. 

If the eclipse degrees fall on a personal planet in your chart, you will have an event or experience unfold depending on the house Scorpio occupies in your chart. Everyone has Scorpio In their chart. 

Eclipses are not necessarily negative. They can bring success, a new job offering, or positive events. The best way to get through eclipse time is to take things s-l-o-w-. Do not make quick decisions. Especially related to jobs, moving or relationships. 

Remember, that YOU are part of this global TRANSFORMATION! 

Your thoughts are an important ingredient to “transforming”.

Mars rules Scorpio, its highest vibration is that of a “Spiritual Warrior”. It’s lowest vibration is anger acted on internally or externally is destructive. 

Stay in the Light  (keep positive thoughts, this allows you to hold a higher vibration). 

Happy Eclipse &

Merry Christmas,

With love,