new_moon 2014 begins with a New Moon and a combination of planetary energy in the sign of Sagittarius. The symbol for Sagittarius is the half horse, half man. There is a focus on truth, justice and freedom. If you are Sagittarius rising, you know this to be your truth. This is the rising sign for the USA.
In case you are new to astrology you might think of it like this. The Sun, Pluto , Moon and Mercury are all driving through the constellation of Sagittarius. It’s as if all of them said “Hey, Supersize Me! All this energy can be overwhelming.

Jupiter the benefic planet of wealth, luck and fortune is the ruling planet . Jupiter is expansive and also has rulership over areas concerning religion, philosophy and spiritual affairs. All of these topics are in the news today in one way or another. The new moon is also conjunct the planet Pluto, an outer planet that deals with the masses. Both the Moon and Pluto are planets that signify the masses. Transiting with the New Moon are the Sun and Mercury. The Sun is indicative of the government and Mercury deals with communications. More focus will be around the NSA and government surveillance of the USA, it’s citizens and foreign countries as well. One might ask, “Is all this surveillance necessary, how much is enough? Who, how often, how much? All are good questions. Look for more information to be revealed in this matter. The government (Sun) is expanding (Jupiter) its reach or authority. Communications (Mercury) is changing our lives. All of these planets, Sun, Pluto, Moon and Mercury are in the 1st house of the USA.
This is the house that deals with our health, status, and our general happiness. The health care law that goes into effect today, affects everyone in our country. Mars the warrior planet of action is casting its aspect on to all of these planets. And it is transiting through the sign of Virgo , the sign that deals most with our health and health issues. Mars here does a very good job with analyzing and looking at the technical way something is done. Though, it is not exactly in a friends house, I might add. As they say, “Houston , we have a problem”. And it’s not exactly a small one. In some way we are just getting started, meaning that things are now coming in to view. And what we are seeing is not what we thought we were getting.
Jupiter the planet ruling Sagittarius and the USA’s chart is currently retrograde and will continue to be retrograde until March 6th. It is necessary at this point to review all that has been put into law and action. To add to that Venus, the planet that rules the health house of the USA will turn retrograde Jan. 6th. Retrograde periods are for reviewing,recalculating, readdressing, reassessing. I’m sure you can think of a few other words that begin with “re”. All of them are applicable here . Now for the New Moon. This New Moon falls in “Purva Ashadha”. Purva Ashadha means “the invincible star”. People born under this star have the ability to influence the masses. They may be popular and their name may be spread around . The shadow side of Purva Ashadha is that they may become stubborn and ignore considering others.
This New Moon on New Year’s Day 2014 creates the perfect opportunity for you to write down your goals or what you would like to create for yourself this year. Remember , your thoughts create reality. Go ahead, make your list. The Universe does not have a limit on the menu! Happy New Moon & Happy New Year!