August 16th the Sun moves into Leo, the sign it rules. On the same day Mars moves into the sign of Aries, its own sign. Saturn and Jupiter are both retrograde and in the signs they rule; Capricorn and Sagittarius.

For the next 30 days every sign of the zodiac is empowered to create positive change!

Mars transit to Aries, its own sign creates a “Ruchaka” yoga. This brings the ability to push through difficult obstacles. Mars is bringing the energy to take charge of your life. It wants you to recognize your uniqueness. You will be able to organize your energy in a way that brings fast results. Excellent time for beginning a new project, new endeavor. Independent nature.
Mars represents your personal energy, which is your “gold”. Take care of your energy now.
Proper hydration is important, as Mars is a hot fiery planet and ramps up Pitta in the body.
Avoid overheating, or eating too many spicy foods. Avoid pushing other’s.

Sun transit to Leo brings the energy and creativity to take charge of life. The Sun is influencing your 5th house of “creativity”. Where the Sun is in your chart shows where you stand-out, where you shine. The Sun represents your heart and your spirit. It’s time to connect with what you love to do. This placement brings boldness, courage and one who takes charge. Simply stated, Now is YOUR TIME! You are the BOSS OF YOU! Use your heart energy to move your life forward. Speak out, recognize your gifts!
Avoid becoming a know-it-all. Avoid impatience and recognize ego.

Jupiter retrograde in the sign of Sagittarius, the sign it rules. Jupiter’s retrograde intensifies
all that is related to ones’ beliefs. Often, it is our core beliefs that cause the most problems. Jupiter is influencing the 9th house, representing our beliefs. Examining core beliefs can help to resolve this area of life, opening it up for abundance and prosperity. Jupiter is the planet that brings opportunities. It is the opportunity that creates prosperity! Jupiter’s retrograde shows that we have missed a possible opportunity in the past. And that our belief system is in need of reviewing. Review your core beliefs. Be honest with yourself. Become more open-minded.
Avoid becoming to attached to beliefs that have held you back, avoid over indulgence.

Saturn retrograde in the sign of Capricorn, the sign it rules.Saturn has many names. It is both a great teacher and a taskmaster. And probably most notorious is known as the “karmic” indicator. It brings the focus to do the work. Being disciplined, responsible, and hardworking are all qualities Saturn approves. Therefore the more organized and practical you are, all matters become somewhat easier. Saturn is influencing the 10th house of your career. Yes, it has a say in everyone’s career, no matter what your rising sign is. Saturn is the planet that grows us internally. The teacher gives life lessons so that we may recognize our strength. This is the planet of “transformation”! Becoming more open-minded. Recognize where in the past you have closed the door, due to fear. Look at ways to grow spiritually. Become more disciplined.
Avoid being close-minded. Avoid procrastination.