34831558October’s 2nd new moon is in the constellation of Libra. Libra symbolizes the scales of justice. The focus for Libra is to balance and resolve. This new moon is in the nakshatra of “Swati”. Swati means sword. The deeper meaning of this nakshatra is that the sword can be used for both positive and negative means. Cutting through and removing obstacles is possible with this new moon. The moon represents our subconscious mind, our past, our memories and emotions. Here in Libra, the moon is seeking comfort and often comfort comes through our partnerships. This is a good time for bringing a sense of balance into your relationships. Often, we intuitively (moon) have a sense of where we need to focus. And because the moon also represents the feminine, women are credited with the power of intuition! Of course, men have this quality too, the moon does not exclude anyone. It is our connection and awareness that count when
tapping into this knowledgeable resource. Using the Moon as a navigational resource is not anything new. The ancients understood how powerful a resource the moon was. Our ancestors looked to it to chart their course through the seas. They considered it’s location for planting crops. Indeed Stonehenge is known for its accuracy in regards to the constellations. Archaeologist have found it to be just 1 degree off of the winter and summer soltices after thousands of years of existence!

In September, I was invited to be on John Cappello’s Radio Show, it is called Beyond Metaphysics on Inception Radio Network. For those of you who don’t know, John Cappello is a well known Psychic and Medium from North Texas. Below is the link where you can hear John and I discussing the upcoming Presidential Election.

See New Moon predictions below for each sign of the zodiac:

Aries: Libra’s new moon is falling in your relationship house. This is a good time for some “fine tuning” as they say. The fine tuning I am speaking about has to do with communications. Of course, this is not one sided, it has to do with both you and your spouse or significant other. If you feel you are not getting through, chances are your mate feels it too. Honest dialogue about what you are feeling here will open the channels to more clarity for both of you. This is a chatty new moon, its up to you where things go…..

Taurus: Even though this new moon falls in your work sector, you may feel more like creating or sharing new ideas that you have. Home decor, or some ideas that originate from your home can start up a new project. High points come to you for originality and design. Your partner will be an excellent sounding board to share your creative juices with. Seriously, great ideas are the beginning of patents…. Now, I know you, dear Taurus, you like nothing better than hearing the sound of ker ching (money) in your bank account.

Gemini: Call it moon madness, this could be your best new moon of the year. The challenge for you could just be that there is so much to do and so many places to go and so much to chat about that it all feels like …
WOW, the world really is your Oyster. Romance opportunities are available to those who so desire. Grab your partner or friend or significant other and plan some time for dining, museums, shopping, art galleries, music …..
Of course, not all in one week; but if anyone could make that happen it would be you, Gemini 🙂

Cancer: Home, land, acquisitions. Okay, maybe just home. And it could be that a “tiny home” or some variation thereof is on your mind. A spark inside you has been lit. You are liking the idea of financial freedom. And that means something different for everyone. You have caught glimpses and feelings of it lately. Sharing your ideas with your partner will bring in more energy (new moon is planting time) so go ahead, dont hold back your ideas. This is a power moon for you, and you of all the signs know that your thoughts have energy. You are a natural at manifesting.

Leo: This new moon is packing. And that means you will enjoy the sense of personal power for this month. Since the moon and the sun are conjunct, there is a yin and yang balance. Your mind will be busy with new thoughts and ideas, ways to create more income. Travel throughout the city will be noticeably more for you. You ability to communicate is right on target and you will feel this sense of power. If anyone knows how to work a room, and to make the right contacts, it is you, Leo! You are totally in your element this month. Enjoy!

Virgo: Your mind is extremely active during this month. It will be easy to get bogged down into thinking about the past. Mercury, is your ruling planet, and as such is very idea oriented. No one can speak or write better than you on health and fitness related matters. If you have already written on these topics, now is the time to present them. Publishing your works can bring extra money to you. Also, should you have the opportunity to speak, roll with it. Jupiter, is assisting you now. That’s like Lady Luck sitting on your shoulders!

Libra: You are lottery winner for the new moon this month, Libra. This new moon is in your 1st house. The 1st house is YOU, your physical body, health and appearance. The moon here, gives you a magnetic force, giving you the “attractor factor”. You may notice that you are feeling more social than usual. If you are unattached, this moon can give you a strong GPS or navigational sense. Meaning, if you follow your intuition you could end up at just the right place at just the right time. If you are attached, its a good time to have fun and enjoy your significant other.

Scorpio: You will not feel like sharing your thoughts or creative ideas with anyone during this time. You know better than anyone that an idea needs to be cocooned, given time to germinate in the fertile soil of imagination. Career matters have been fluctuating and still are. This is a good time to pay attention to your subconscious mind. Dreams will have information that can assist you now.

Sagittarius: Your ruling planet, Jupiter has been and continues to empower your career sector. Females will play an important part this month. You can help yourself along here, with group meetups or outings. Your belief system, continues to undergo some changes. Remember, it is your thoughts that you are manifesting now!
Focus, on what you really want now. Jupiter, can manifest anything!

Capricorn: Someone of the feminine persuasion may have some really good ideas that can help your career now. It could be your partner or mate.
This new moon is promoting balance, and also trying to bring some balance into your career. Chances are you know where the imbalance is, Capricorn. The challenge may be in just allowing outside influence to assist you. Shake off, that “go it alone” belief! 🙂

Aquarius: Traveling, education and health are the highlights of this new moon. Yes, Aquarius thats a full house. Your day to day routine needs to undergo some changes. Something needs tweaking, maybe your workout routine has gone by the wayside lately and needs some new inspiration. Friends that you think are friends may not be all that.

Pisces: Your work sector has changed. Jupiter will continue to bring in opportunities, you get to decide if you want to take advantage of them. If you work with or have children this is a month of change. Communication needs to improve or perhaps become more clear. This pertains to everyone in your life. Business, home and work needs to be brought into a “balance”.

Happy New Moon!