Scorpio Moon – Nov. 26, 2019

All new moons sweep change into our lives. Some more than others. New moon time is a time to connect with Archetypes, Gods, and Angels. It is a good time to dissolve karma. The Moon and the Mind are connected.

The new moon for November falls in watery and mysterious Scorpio. This is the submarine running deep. It’s a combination of fire and water. Scorpio is the most profound sign of the zodiac, so it makes sense that the moon’s transit here can ignite something akin to a depth charge. I’m speaking in terms of our emotions. The moon represents the emotional mind. Simply said, it represents how we feel.

The ancients were so savvy to the moon’s importance that they put the moon only behind the ascendant. Letting it be known, or as I say,
“pay attention” or we “pay”. Scorpio being a water sign, FEELS LIFE DEEPLY. In fact, it is through their feelings that they navigate their life.

Astrologers will say the moon is debilitated in Scorpio. By now, you know if you read my newsletters or listen to my YouTube channel. I do not care for the word “debilitated”. Instead, I will tell you that it “intensifies” the (emotions) moon.

If you have natal planets within a 3 degree orb. of this new moon (9 deg.)
prepare to deal with some emotional turbulence. The moon in Scorpio is prepared to face most anything by itself. Scorpio’s ruler Mars is independent and self-directed. Mars does not spend alot of time reminiscing, it would rather face it, make a strategic decision and move on.

However, the star, Anuradha is ruled by Saturn, and Saturn is slow, heavy and causes some obstacles. Saturn and the moon both represent the past and past karma that needs to be dealt with. This makes it somewhat sticky and not exactly easy, which is why I use the term “depth charge” above.

Remember that what you can feel, you can heal. The world is in a world of hurt. And you healing you, is the most you can do to heal the planet.

As I coach, teach, write and consult astrologically with people on their charts, and do my work as a consulting hypnotist….everyone and I do mean everyone has an area of their life in need of healing.
Many are going through major upheavals and life changes. The old ways no longer work, so we must carve a new pathway.

This new moon is all about the new pathway. But first, we have to deal with the work of healing ourselves, letting go of the past. For how can we create something new and wonder-filled, if we can not let go of what has already

Scorpio moon will give us the chance to feel deeply our pain. A gentle reminder only, that what we can feel, we can heal. You see when we stuff
It down, that’s when it causes major problems and eventually that turns into health problems. Feeling it and releasing it is key.

Finding a way to forgive yourself and the other person who has hurt you, allows you to focus on what you want to create. It took me a long time to get this part. I thought for many years that gave the other person a “free pass”. Then, I began to understand the only person hurt by holding on to the pain, was me. And I was pretty sick of hurting. I realize what I am saying in 1 paragraph is alot to deal with in terms of emotions. But I can promise you this, the minute you set an intention to work on “it”, is the minute you have started to heal.

Where Scorpio is in your chart, is where you will have the opportunity to heal and transform your life. Giving you the opportunity to create, no blaze..
Blaze a new pathway for yourself! (Mars (energy) is involved here in a big way. Mars is the fire of transformation.

Repeating this mantra will help keep you on track:

Thiru Neela Kantam
(pronounced T-Ru Nee- La Kan-Tam). This is a powerful mantra for dissolving karma. Repeat 9, 27, 54 or 108x with faith & devotion.

Here’s the skinny for each sign:

If you do not know your rising sign, look for the Sun sign:

Apr 14 – May 14 (Aries)- Prepare for an overall overhaul of your life.

May 15 – Jun 14 (Taurus) – Partner, mate, spouse, business partner

Jun 15 – Jul 15 (Gemini) – Health, routine, pets, what you do daily.

Jul 16 – Aug 16 (Cancer) – Children, speculation, creative ideas.

Aug 17 – Sep 16 (Leo) – Home, mother, property.

Sep 17 – Oct 16 (Virgo) – Siblings, communication.

Oct 17 – Nov 15 (Libra) – Money, finances, food.

Nov 16 – Dec 15 (Scorpio) Inspiration for new career direction.

Dec 16 – Jan 13 (Sagittarius) – Inspiration for new direction

Jan 14 – Feb 12 (Capricorn) – Friendship, groups, large organizations

Feb 13 – Mar 13 (Aquarius) – Career, mate

Mar 14 – Apr 13 (Pisces) – Teaching, publishing, travel.