new_moonThe first New Moon of 2015 falls at 5 degrees of Capricorn. The nakshatra for this new moon is Uttara Ashadha. This nakshatra gives insight and an excellent ability to relate to others.
It is important to cultivate patience, but to also set your plan down and begin to move forward. Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn and this sign is one known to have a business plan. It is time to get organized and focused. This is a favorable time to move forward. Consider your options and move wisely and cautiously forward one step at a time.
An unusual conjunction also takes place on this day as Ketu the South Node conjuncts the planet Uranus. Ketu represents non-attachment and is the indicator of enlightenment. Ketu can bring about surprise and unusual ways of thinking. Uranus is an outer planet and also deals with unexpected events or happenings. Uranus rules over technology and lightning! These 2 will get together in the sign of Pisces. Pisces is the constellation whose symbol is the fish swimming in opposite directions. The fish represent the streams of consciousness flowing back and forth. Pisces is also a sign that deals with our beliefs. Perhaps this is the time that we will move into a higher awareness! It is a good time to meditate. This conjunction takes place on the same day as the President delivers his State of the Union address. And the conjunction of Ketu/Uranus takes place in the 4th house of the USA’s chart. This signifies our homeland. The New Moon is falling in the 2nd house of the USA’s chart indicating changes around wealth & money for our country. It is also near Venus the planet that deals with banking and Mercury which represents contracts. This is a very important New Moon for 2015. Look for events happening around this time to become a theme for throughout the year. Happy New Moon!