Valentine’s Day begins with the Moon transiting through the sign of Pisces. 32339534Here it is easy for us to express our emotions and affection.   Late in the afternoon the Moon will move into fiery Aries, where emotions will become much more passionate.  Spontaneity may be the word for the evening!  But a warning with this moon is your date may say anything… get what they want!  The Aries Moon is confident and possesses daring type energy.  There will be a desire to have a good time, throwing caution to the wind so to speak.  Venus, the planet of love is transiting through the sign of Capricorn.   Tonight, it will be Venus who is the responsible one.  Venus preference in this sign is that we are loyal and responsible. You may opt to go for the more traditional restaurants, gifts, or entertainment.  Don’t worry, that Aries moon will insist on some fun and spontaneity!  Happy Valentine’s Day!