Birth Chart/Natal Analysis

This is a 60 minute consultation which provides insight into lifetime patterns. It is a portrait of your personality. It will help you to better understand your talents, strengths and weaknesses. Analysis’s of current life situation and advises on optimizing positive influence and opportunity. Popular topics are work, career, financial matters, education, relationship, marriage, business or legal matters, spiritual orientation, major life transitions.

This is an interactive consultation that is recorded and emailed to you.

Phone Consult ($175)


Office Consult ($200)

Muhurtha (Timing of important event)

This service is based on time and determines the most auspicious date and time for obtaining a positive outcome of an important event, including: engagement, marriage, signing legal documents, buying or selling a home, etc. ($100)

Prasna (Specific question)

This service is for “one specific question”. It gives insight into any life issue and helps to clarify that particular area.

2019 Astrological Outlook

Find out what 2019 has in store for you! This is a 20-22 page Ebook of your Zodiac sign where the major transits will be moving and what areas of your life may be affected.

This Ebook includes the major transits for your rising sign for 2019.  It also includes techniques for manifesting your desires along with suggested Mantras.  Ayurveda Lifestyle Recommendations to help bring balance to your daily routine.

  1. Select your Zodiac sign
    (If you are not sure of your Vedic rising sign/ascendant, please email me with your birth data: name, birth date, birth place, birth time. I will email your Vedic rising sign to you).
  2. Choose the “Buy Now” PayPal button.
  3. Your 2019 Zodiac Outlook will be emailed to you in a PDF within 24 -48 hours.

sun and buddha
2019 Astrological Outlook $12.99
This is a pdf download

Aries – Virgo

Libra – Pisces


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