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Jupiter’s Big Move!

Jupiter the planet that brings opportunities, creates wealth and abundance will be entering the sign of Cancer on June 18, 2014. Moving into the sign of Cancer is Jupiter’s exaltation point. Exaltation means that it functions best in the sign of Cancer. Jupiter is a planet of optimism and helps us to see things in a positive way. Check your rising sign below to see how Jupiter might affect you.

Aries: You may move or expand your home in some way. There may be opportunities to further your education. Enjoyment of home and family.

Taurus: Good communications, siblings may prosper or be helpful to you in some way. You may travel more short or long distance.

Gemini: There will be opportunities to earn more money. You will enjoy eating fine foods. Speaking and writing opportunities may come your way.

Cancer: You enjoy good health and feel positive about life. There may be a new romance for you. Possible travel to a foreign country.

Leo: Interest in foreign places or travel. You find it easier to be thrifty. Foreign connections or possible gains in foreign lands.

Virgo: Opportunities arise for you to become involved in different groups and organizations. You may profit from meeting people involved in these organizations. Increase of cash flow is possible.

Libra: Your career is expanding. You find new opportunities through teaching, counseling, financial planning. Children do well.

Scorpio: You may get a new Guru. You could publish your works. Travel and education could expand your finances.

Sagittarius: You can make money through or from other people’s money. You are good at research. There is an interest in spiritual knowledge.

Capricorn: Opportunities for mate or partner come to you. Good for business interests. Good for business partner.

Aquarius: May earn through offering your services. Good for teaching, finds answers to challenges easily.

Pisces: Good for enjoying sports. Romance and imagination are increased. Good for enjoying children.

Jupiter will be transiting these signs for 1 year.

For all signs, Jupiter brings its Blessings!